Saturday 22 February 2014

Convention 2013 Swap Cards

These are the swap cards I made for convention 2013 in Salt Lake City with Stampin' UP!
The whole event was amazing and it was one of the best weeks of the summer. I missed my Husband tons, but other than that I got to do a great deal of stamping, drooling at great new Stampin' UP! products and samples. I also did a bunch of shopping and got a whole new summer wardrobe and become closer friends with a bunch of other Stampin Ladies from my up-line and side-line.
This card was created with the shaving cream technique. I used it for a technique swap I did, I created 42 of these beauties.

I used this card for general swapping and it was very popular. I made 12 of these.

I used this adorable card for a fun swap I did that my up-line Desiree hosted. I initially tried putting water in the treat cups; it proved harder than I imagined. I created 22 of these cute for the birds Christmas cards.

NEVER AGAIN will I do something as complicated as a waterfall card for a swap that isn't an "over the top" swap, especially a 40 count swap. Yup, I made 40 of these to swap, I made a couple extra for myself, so I could actually use them so in the end I made 42. It was a beautiful card and I will likely give it to my grandfather for something. There is no sentiment do I can really choose any occasion.

I also made this card for general swapping, I made 12 of these.

This was the last general swap card I made. I was running low on CS, Color combos, ideas, and steam so this is what I ended up with. It isn't my favorite, but it is still nice. Again 12 of these.

OK these were fun to make. I really love the sweet pressed clay and the yellow and grey color combo. I used the Paper Pumpkin welcome Kit for this one, also made 12 for general swapping.

Simple, Easy and Elegant. This card was a smash hit! Made 12 of them for general swapping.

Another one of the last swap cards I made, I think I finished these in the car on the way down to Salt Lake City. I like the color combo, something doesn't quite work for me though. 12 of these were made for general swapping.

This is one of my favorite sketch layouts I use often it uses the "magic 3" first the bottom DSP, then the wheel followed by the white space and the greeting; and 3 butterflies with dazzling details just for good measure. 12 general swap cards in this style were made.

I actually love this simple card. I was one of my favorites. If I can get away with the look of many layers while still hording my paper I am Happy. This let me use only small bits of DSP and 2 different neutrals to get a elegant feel. I was happy to make 12 of these general swap cards.

So if you have been doing the math this is your result:
General swap cards: 12x8=96
3 Organized Swaps: 42+42+22=106
TOTAL =202
Now bear in  mind that the general swaps I only decided to do 10 days before we left town. That means I did all the deigning, cutting, stamping, assembly packaging and label printing in a week. Yeah I'm crazy.
The other swaps I had either designed or started at least a month before we left and I finished a week before we went to convention, so that was less stressful. I did the work in front of the TV or on my lunch break at work.

Thanks for reading.

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