Thursday 14 May 2015

My Nerdy Clothing Creations

After making my husband a t-shirt (as one of my first Silhouette projects) and then some fun Christmas presents for my Hubby and his dad and brother I couldn't help but make some nerd gear for myself. 

I started out making a Harry Potter shirt with this sweet Harry Potter Spells Lighting Bolt Image I purchased with the Hogwarts House Crests in my other post. (Can you tell that I am a big HP fan yet?) This design took FOREVER to weed, (blarg) and that really sucked cause I learned after the iron on process that I was making a mistake in how I was Ironing on the Vinyl and now it is only an 'around the house' shirt cause I burned wax into it.. Oh well, at least the mistake taught me lessons I have learned from.


I made a great Sherlock T-shirt inspired by this one on Etsy.  I got the Silhouettes of Sherlock and Dr. Watson here. This whole shirt was done with Heat Transfer Vinyl.


 My Dr. Who Shirt was also exciting to make. I used a Tardis, the text "The Doctor" and the heads of Dr.'s 10 and 11. The Tardis was painted on and all the rest was heat transfer Vinyl. 

Next I tried a pair of tights.
I recently Read the Divergent Series, and while I am not the biggest fan of how Veronica Roth ended that series (Seriously why do that to a readership) or her changing writing style. Yet I did very much enjoy the story. I thought the factions were actually quite a cool idea and I decided to add them to a pair or tights with Iron-On Heat Transfer Vinyl. If I did this again though I would use fabric paint as I move a lot and my tights are quite stretchy and I would prefer not to re-set the vinyl every second wash.

Anyways I am quite happy with these creations and will soon be trying a few more designs. (My husband has offered "my services" to make a shirt for a Volkswagen friend of his.)

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