Wednesday 27 July 2016

Card and Art Display Board

Hello beauties, 
It was recently my Niece's 3rd birthday. Lately she is really into getting photos and cards in the mail. So in addition to sending her some I decided to make her a place where she could display them and keep them, along with any art she made.

To make this project I designed it in my Silhouette Studio, as you can tell I went for option #3. 

 I used a scrap of plywood I had lying around. I stained it lightly with the good-olde vinegar and steel wool trick to give it some vintage feel. I cut the vinyl out with my Silhouette Cameo e-cutter and stuck it to the plywood.

I also cut out my "handmade" stencil that I designed and painted over that so they would know that I made it.

I painted over the Stencils with Dulux indoor paint (indoor or outdoor paint both work it doesn't matter which you use)

I let it dry and added another coat.

 Once it was dry I pealed off the vinyl stencil and nailed cotton string into the sides. I added a few cloths pins for hanging.

The finished project looks great! What do you think? 
After note: After I gave it to her I realized that she would have preferred option #1. So apparently Auntie Jill (me) should have made the one with Audrie's name on it as she is 3 and 3 year-olds like their names. Oh well, now I get to make another project with her name on it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Stay creative my darlings,

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