Friday 21 October 2016

Shadow Hunters Temporary Rune Tattoos

Hello Internet friends,
If you are  regual reader of my blog you know that I am a nerd and a huge fan girl for several fantasy books/movies/TV shows. Recently I re-read the Mortal Instruments series and started watching the new Netfilx show "Shadowhunters." I like what they have done with the TV show, if you think of it as the same characters in a different version of the story its great, because no movie/TV adaptation is EXACTLY as the book. Anyways; I really like the Runes the Shadow Hunters use to mark themselves as tattoo ideas, so I have been trying them out as temporary tattoos.

Here is the one for Angelic Power on my neck.

Here you can see Angelic Power and Defense/Block on my neck

Here I've put the rune for Gift by my collarbone, the rune for Nourishment under my shoulder, and the rune for Trust near the crook of my elbow.

Here I am sporting the runes for Knowledge, Abundance, and Bridge. (Clockwise from the top left)

To make the tattoos I use either  liquid eyeliner with liquid Bandaid over top to make it last or a very fin tipped Sharpie. They are super easy and fun so for Halloween it could be fun to give them a try.

Eventually I got a little carried away and went back to the good ol' standby of Harry Potter.

Apparently my self tattoo obsession has gotten so bad that I am now drawing on other people. (My buddy Glenn asked me to put the Red Hot Chili Peppers Logo on him so I kindly obliged) 

Thanks for stopping by today,
Let your creativity be contagious my darlings,

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