Monday 26 September 2016

Buhler Dubs

Hello out there, I hope today finds you well. 
I want to share with you a t-shirt I created for my amazing husband, but first some backstory... My dear husband is into Volkswagens. Now not into them in that he likes them and we have one, not even into them in that he has owned a few, no; Ryan is into Volkswagens the way you go cliff jumping: completely. :) No wadding in the shallows, no put your toe in, he is into VW's All--- The---Way! Ryan loves VW's so much so that: 
1) he left his job in construction four years ago to apply for a sales position with VW (which he got and worked at until a promotion moved him to another car brand in the auto group)
2) he has owned over 20 V-Dubbs in 12 years
3) he (with the help of this father and friends) taught himself how to fix them
4) he is the President of the Okanagan Volkswagen Club and organizes all the club's big events, and continues to do so despite the fact that we live 8 hours away from the Okanagan area.

When Ryan, his Dad, and his younger brother all owned a VW at the same time Ryan commemorated the occasion by designing them all matching polo shirts with a sketch of the cars Ryan himself had done on the breast pocket. Over the last decade this shirt remains in his closet for sentimental reasons despite fading, wear and tare, and not fitting anymore. For that reason I wanted to take this old shirt and make the symbol on the breast pocket alive again so he could still proudly remember that special occasion and wear the shirt.

So I traced the sketch on the shirt he made onto tracing paper, scanned it into my computer, blew it up, printed it out, traced the print out (to clean it us as it was fuzzy), scanned it in again, turned it into a cut file, added some text and then sent it to my Shilouette Cameo. 
I then followed my normal steps to paint on the shirt.

As you can see above it looks really good on him.

Thanks for stopping by, 
Stay golden ponyboy, 

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